About the Comic

School of World is a fun and silly webcomic that Megan and Rel have been making together since April 2011.  If the art or writing sometimes seems like a first draft, that’s because it is: School of World hinges mainly on the principle of “First Draft, Best Draft”. Most of the scripts and story arcs are written without further editing, and many of the strips are drawn in sharpie. Megan and Rel decided that they wanted to make a comic in this fashion after too many false starts on other projects that fell to the wayside because they got stuck on editing and revisions.  The spirit of impulsiveness and spontaneity is prevalent throughout the strip.

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Rel and Megan

They are very cute people who do high fives!

Rel does the writings and then Megan does the drawings.

to find them elsewhere:

Megan: webcomic+portfolio ♥ tumblr ♥ twitter

Rel: webcomic ♥ portfolio ♥ tumblr ♥ twitter