Here are the characters of School of World! Please to be hospitable to them!!

little boy

A very curious little boy, who is always to pestering his Papa about the world of things. He attends School of World, where he learns to about life. He is a little boy, and not a unicorn.

Comics: 546
Recent Appearance: ninja
First Appearance: cool kids


This old man is the little boy’s papa. Papa teaches to little boy the School of World. Papa’s beard is the greatest and bushiest, and he is known to be the coolest kid in school.

Comics: 405
Recent Appearance: ninja
First Appearance: cool kids


This strange teenager lives in the little boy’s attic and is little boy’s brother. He likes people to calling him Art, because it makes him seem Artistic.

Comics: 115
Recent Appearance: what is to being your favorite part of teen merman
First Appearance: teenage heartthrob


A very curious little girl. She is friends with the little boy, and also attends the School of World. She comes from a long line of Letterers.

Comics: 81
Recent Appearance: of course i thinking you're cool!
First Appearance: new character page


This old woman is little boy’s mama. She loving him very much but wishing the questions he ask were less stupid. She used to be goatherdess in her youth.

Comics: 63
Recent Appearance: sports coach
First Appearance: woo the ladies


This horse is certainly not a superhero, it just average horse.

Comics: 55
Recent Appearance: the plan is to split up,
First Appearance: new character page


This young man is the teenager’s friend. They are to making a great band together, but first they must decide on name to calling band.

Comics: 46
Recent Appearance: please to tell me your favorite superhero
First Appearance: i just need you and your girlfriend to clear out so that me and button can band practice


The coolest of the cool! Shadowgoof is the hottest dog in town, dawg.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: i guess i'm about ready to go back
First Appearance: woof, dawg!

trey leon

This fishboy is Man of the Sea. He has many high schooling troubles, but what troubling him most is water. He is star of Little Boy and Teenager’s favorite show, Teen Merman.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: guest art!
First Appearance: why you have everyone calling you "art"


Oames's older sister. She is very studious, and very organized.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: your sisters