Oh man, you missed it?!?! it was the second half of a two parter!!!!

ok so like, last week: Trey (the Teen Merman) totally was going to ask Julia to be his lab partner cus like, there’s this big project coming up, and she is really good at applied physics, and Trey is kind of okay but he wants her to like, teach it to him to like, smoothly get her to spend time with him, you know?? so he is totally psyching himself up in the bathroom, and like he accidentally breaks the tap on the sink with his merman powers and then there’s water everywhere and he turns into a merman because like, those are his powers!! and he’s totally gonna be late for class and he’s like freaking OUT!

and then the new kid,  Winnebago Cunningham comes in, and Trey has to hide in a stall really quick and he’s like “oh shit does he know about me!?!?!” but like, Winnebago doesn’t say anything, like he might not know Trent is there, but I dunno, the Camera had this dramatic shot of Winnebago looking into the mirror with Trey in the stall behind him and Winnebago looked kind of scary, but then he leaves.

so anyway like, Trey dries off under the hand drier thing and gets into class but he is there like 20 minutes late and the teacher tells him he is getting written up for cutting class 🙁 and that’s like really bad because you know how Trey totally skipped class in episode 3 for the big Leon family merman thing, and in episode 7 when he totally had to go save Kristy from the Kraken and and in episode 8 where he skipped class to get ice cream with his friend from his previous school, Jeremy because he was having serious troubles being addicted to the drugs?? (I wonder where Jeremy is now?)
ANYWAY so Trey totally has more than 3 absences, and the science teacher totally tells Trey he will get an F and flunk the 11th grade!! and the episode like, ends like that!!

Trey is like telling the teacher he will come up with an amazing project to bring up his grade and since Trey is like totally a good guy, the teacher says okay. so Trey leaves class and goes to the beach. And he like puts on his special merman-preventing wetsuit that Julia designed for him when he revealed his secret (before she got hit in the head in episode 3 and lost her memory) and surfs for a while? and like, Winnebago shows up and says something like “didn’t think I’d see you out here. on the water. like this.” and Trey is like “oh hey Winnebago” but inside he’s also like ‘oh shit does he know my secret oh man the merman council will be so upset if he knows!!!’ but Winnebago doesn’t say anything else.

Anyway Trent’s friend Kristy shows up and so does Trent’s best bro, Carlos, and they like have corn dogs or whatever and Trent tells them his problems. And both of them are kind of like ‘trent julia is not worth all this trouble!!!’ because like they are both jealous of how Julia takes up all of Trent’s time and Kristy totally has a crush on him from when they were kids. But then Trent is staring at the waves and he’s like “omg I can do the physics of WAVES!!” and he like runs home and makes this amazing presentation. But the next day when he presents it he realizes that now he has no reason to talk to Julia and he has a crisis!!! and he’s like thinking about this and the camera does this creepy pan of Winnebago, who is walking by him in the hallway and I swear, Winnebago has fangs or something???? The music gets all weird too.

Anyway Trey decides to be honest and gives his presentation and the teacher is like “Trey good job you don’t have to flunk 11th grade” and Julia is like “Trey that was fascinating, do you want to go to the beach sometime and talk about waves?” and Trey is like totally happy.

BUT THEN there is this like, ending scene where Winnebago is behind the school, talking on his cell phone and he is like “I’ve located him. It’s definitely him. Yes, I know. The Merpeople MUST PAY” and he looks all supernatural???

and now all the people on the forums are FLIPPING OUT trying to figure out what he is omg it’s getting SO REAL. And there were some great Carlos lines this week.
(for reference, here is our first post about teen merman.)