so what if maybe all these strips were an extended cartoonist in-joke. what else do you expect of us.

Please celebrate 100 School of Worlds with us!!!

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(well. we will have better celebration soon, just you wait)

Papa sure picked the wrong weekend to go camping, assuming he and Little Boy are on the east coast somewhere.

Tumblr user laurark asked: Papa teach me to chili dog!

here is bonus shadowhoof enjoying the last splashes of summer in her paddling pool.

special SPX sort-of-story-breaking-up-edition!!!!!!

We don’t have enough words to express how great this year’s SPX was for us! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who visited us or bought a book(!!!!!) we had the best time and met a billlion great people and saw so many people we miss from school. What a great time that was aaaaaah now I’m sad SPX is over.  let’s go make more comics!

I’m glad to see that someone is continuing to use his Papa cosplay, it would be a shame if Little Boy spent an hour gluing yarn to ribbon to make a beard for nothing.

Anonymous asked: Papa, teach me to Occupy Wall Street!

Papa is not so good on current events. Papa, we will never become a political cartoon at this rate.

Anonymous asked: Papa, teach me to haggle!

(please to excuse poor quality; the School of World’s scanner is being mean)

Anonymous asked: Papa, teach me to Mel Gibson!

Bonus! here is Mel asking Gib to teach him to Little Boy and Papa:

crumpetseeds asked: Papa, teach me to artist alley!

This strip is ripped from headlines of our Artist Alley-ing lives! We do this very thing.
Here are some Pokefaces of our heroes:

crumpetseeds asked: Actually, Teenager, teach me to artist alley!!

Teenager is big name fan in all the fandoms (no he isn’t, nobody likes him on the internet either)

magical girl life is dream life